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Our new coops this term are Mason Rathahao and Roy Zou. Please be gentle with them.
If any machines need to be relocated, please touch base with Michael or myself. We need to configure things in the wiring closets before they are connected and we also have to update our DB of equipment location.
The road to failure is paved with good intentions - here's how to turn them into action - Derek Koehler research
HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement Program - if you have an HP laptop, check if you laptop power cord is marked with "LS-15". If so, you'll get a free replacement.
Blacklisting of campus email servers. Some organizations may not receive UW emails... UPDATE THURSDAY MORNING - THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED.
IST will be enabling an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on the Eduroam wireless network as a production trial, leading to a permanent implementation.

The policy will be enabled on August 18 and removed on August 29. If no major issues are experienced during this period, the policy will be permanently implemented in October (with further communication).

The University is required to have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on the wireless network. The production trial has been scheduled to reduce impact.

The policy will need to be accepted on every device connected to eduroam once every 120 days. While connected to eduroam, the policy will intercept browser traffic (http only) on devices that have not accepted it and redirect to a page with the terms & conditions. Once the policy has been accepted, it will not prompt the device for 120 days. The policy will be integrated into the splash pages of uw-unsecured and uw-guest, causing no other impact to those wireless networks.

Small changes produce dramatic results for women in engineering - Christine Logel / Mark Zanna / Steve Spencer / Jennifer Peach / Greg Walton research

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WWWoWWWWs ---- The U.S. government is spending $1 million to figure out memes ---- The road to failure is paved with good intentions - here's how to turn them into action ---- Turnitin And The High-Tech Plagiarism Debate ---- Do low-nicotine cigarettes make you smoke more? ---- These death-defying photo shoots are about to make you dizzy ---- 11 Scientific Studies That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity ---- Awake within a dream: Lucid dreamers show greater insight in waking life ---- Small changes produce dramatic results for women in engineering ---- Bye bye privacy ---- Researchers investigate what it means to 'hear voices' ---- Expecting to teach enhances learning, recall ---- Orbit HD ---- Waterloo astrophysicists propose new twist on Big Bang in Scientific American ---- The Bridge From Nowhere


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Hey Fernandes Lab!!! ---- WRAP SharePoint site
Hey Roxane, James, Myra, Dan and Colin!!! Renew or purchase your Matlab user licenses. Licenses are for the calendar year with a grace period extending into the following April. If you are attempting to run Matlab on non-Nexus PCs, keep in mind about Renaming User IDs.
Hey Walter!!! ---- Outlook setup
Hey Christine!!! Use this password generator and tell people to add a couple punctuation marks in the middle of what is given - eg. -_=+@#:;. Also, here's a Password Checker.
Hey Dept!!! ---- Departmental Listing of Support Staff Position Descriptions ---- Word mail merge: A walk through the process ---- Zenbook Launches: Does It Beat the MacBook Air? [VIDEO] ---- Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook
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Hey Ori!!! Here's your UW Child Cognition Lab WIKI.
Hey Heather and Theresa!!! Here's WatIAM and something to help Forward Class Lists.
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Hey Shannon!!! ---- meeting
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P.S. Most people in our department use this as a starting page for their web browser - it's a little long because its designed as an OSAUTFBAL (One Stop And Use The [Find] Button A Lot) resource :-).


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Bill Eickmeier
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Room: PAS 4008
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FAX: 1-519-746-8631

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