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I'm again wayyy backlogged and several days behind in even reading many emails. Thanks for your patience.
Notes for Office 2013 Upgrade. I'd suggest to initiate the upgrade of all Nexus stations in the dept before Jan 15 if possible. Just start it before you leave at the end of a day. If you do nothing, machines will get updated the evening of Jan 15.
Another UW directed phishing attempt is making the rounds. This one with the subject "Update Your University of Waterloo Email Account". and another very convincing one with the subject "RACER Access"

As usual, if you get 'em, just chuck 'em.

Be sure to logout each day before you leave and ensure you keep Nexus stations powered on 24/7, including over the holidays.
Family criticizing your weight? You might add more pounds - Christine Logel research
End of term is always a good excuse to make extra backups of any critical files you have. If you are dealing with confidential data, you'll probably want to copy things to an encrpted drive. Truecrypt is probably still a resonable option.

Backups of Nexus network locations are kept for 16 weeks. If you delete something today, you can recover it anytime in the next 16 weeks, but after that, you are out of luck. Backups of D:\users on Nexus stations are only kept for 2 months. Check the Backups section in the Psych Nexus Notes for all the gory details.

As of Dec 1, SPSS and AMOS have starting generating pop-ups indicating that current licenses will expire in 30 days.

SPSS for 2015 will be $165/machine/year and AMOS will be $110/machine/year. I've sent emails to faculty members indicating the machines they had purchased SPSS and AMOS in 2014 and asking where it should be installed in 2015. They will need to respond to that with an account# to charge. Just touch base with your advisor or lab manager so that they have a handle on the licenses that need to be purchased for 2015. It's much easier and much much less time consuming if we can do licensing all at once at the start of the year rather than deal with individual licensing for each install, so if folks can plan ahead, it's much appreciated.

Take advantage of Lynda Web Training. To login, click "Login" on the Lynda front page, then "Log in through your organization or school", specify your organization as "" and then enter your usual UW login credentials.

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WWWoWWWWs ---- The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots ---- German researchers discover a flaw that could let anyone listen to your cell calls. ---- Family criticizing your weight? You might add more pounds ---- How Much Your Inbox Is Worth to Cybercriminals ---- The Most Amazing Science Images Of 2014 ---- Worrying About Stuff Is a Sign of Intelligence ---- Best of Web 7 - HD - Zapatou 2014 ---- Study Confirms That Men Are Dumb ---- 2 Futures Can Explain Time's Mysterious Past ---- Stop Checking Your Email So Often. It's Stressing You Out ---- Some of our greatest cultural and technological achievements took place between 1945 and 1971. Why has progress stalled? ---- Wireless brain sensor could unchain neuroscience from cables ---- Nature makes all articles free to view ---- Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind


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Hey Roxane, James, Myra, Dan and Colin!!! Renew or purchase your Matlab user licenses. Licenses are for the calendar year with a grace period extending into the following April. If you are attempting to run Matlab on non-Nexus PCs, keep in mind about Renaming User IDs.
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