Phil 145: Lecture Notes

Overheads are posted in .pdf format (for downloading and/or printing off). The notes are in .html. Notes will be posted after class but before the relevant exams, and overheads will be posted before class.

Symbols used on some slides
v or (inclusive)
~ not
-> material implication (if...then...)

Topic 1: Introduction to Critical Thinking (overheads)

Topic 2: Arguments and Vagueness (overheads)

Topic 3: Informal Fallacies and Analogy (overheads)

Topic 4: Statistical Reasoning (overheads)

Topic 5: Bias (overheads)

Topic 6: Explanation (overheads)

Topic 7: Numeracy (overheads)

Topic 8: Testing Explanation (overheads)

Topic 9: Social Determinants of Belief (overheads)

Topic 10: Extended Examples (overheads 1)(overheads 2)

Topic 11: Decision Making (overheads) - skipped

Conclusion (overheads)