Phil/Psych 256: Introduction to Cognitive Science

Instructor: Chris Eliasmith
Office hours: Tues 3-4 and by appointment, HH331.
Time: Tues and Thurs 1:00-2:20pm
Place: PAS 1241

Cogsci in the news: Building a conscious robot

COURSE NEWS: Because of the problem printing the course packets, please do not read the Fodor piece, but read the Haugeland one instead.

Course Description: This is a survey course that will introduce the student to topics in cognitive science. Areas of study include representation, computation, concepts, neuroscience, visual perception, emotion, and consciousness. The readings for the course are classic papers by researchers in the relevant subdisciplines of cognitive science that supplement Paul Thagard's introductory text.

Texts: Thagard, P. (2005). Mind: Introduction to cognitive science. MIT Press. 2nd ed.
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