Phil/Psych 256:Information on In-Class Papers

You will be asked to write a series of in-class essays (one at the end of most classes). These essays are worth <1% each, are to be completed at the end of each class, and are to be about 1 paragraph long. They are intended to provide students an opportunity to raise questions, comment on the readings, discuss problems with the material, as well as answer a specific question I will pose. A total of 10% of the class grade is assigned to these essays (you can miss 5 with no penalty). If you correctly complete a number of essays equal to the total number of classes minus the number taken up by midterms minus 4, you will receive full marks. Most essays will receive a mark of as long as there is evidence of an attempt to answer the question well.

Note on avoidance of academic offenses:
All students registered in the courses of the Faculty of arts are expected to know what constitutes an academic offense, to avoid committing academic offenses, and to take responsibility for their academic actions. When the commission of an offense is established, it will be acknowledged by disciplinary penalties. For information on categories of offenses and types of penalties, students are directed to consult the summary of Policy #71 (Student Academic Discipline) which is supplied in the Undergraduate Calendar (p. 1:11). (see here for more info)