Phil/Psych 256: Lecture Notes

These are the lecture notes and overheads that I use in class. Not all topics or discussions in these notes may have been covered in class (and vice versa). Overheads will be posted before class and the more extensive lecture notes after the class.

Topic 1: Introduction to Cognitive Science (.pdf)

Topic 2: Computation and Representation (.pdf)

Topic 3: Logic and RTM (.pdf)

Topic 4: Rules (.pdf) (Dennett's Frame Problem Example)

Topic 5: Searle and the Chinese Room (.pdf)

Topic 6: Concepts (Lecture 1 (.pdf)); (Lecture 2 (.pdf))

Topic 7: Imagery (.pdf)

Topic 8: Connectionism (.pdf)

Topic 9: Neuroscience Methods (.pdf)

Topic 10: The Mental as Mechanism (.pdf)

Topic 11: Pure Vision (.pdf)

Topic 12: Critique of Connectionism (.pdf)

Topic 13: Dynamicism and Robotics (.pdf)

Topic 14: Emotions (.pdf)

Topic 15: Consciousness (.pdf)

Topic 16: Neural Engineering Framework (.pdf)

Topic 17: Conclusion (.pdf)