Phil/Psych 256: Information on Essays

Suggested essay questions are here.

Important essay information:

  1. Use a standard bibliographic style. Valid 'external' citations must have been published in a journal or book.
  2. Essays should not be a repeat of exam/quiz questions.
  3. Know what constitutes a good essay: see here and here.

Over due policy:

  1. Over due essays will automatically loose one grade level (~4%) for each day (including weekends) past due.
  2. Lost marks accumulate as of midnight on the due date.
  3. For example, after 1 day, a B+ will become a B. This means that after 11 days over due essays will automatically receive a failing mark.
  4. If you hand your essay in any time after the due date class, you must email it to me and provide a paper copy.

Note on avoidance of academic offenses:
All students registered in the courses of the Faculty of arts are expected to know what constitutes an academic offense, to avoid committing academic offenses, and to take responsibility for their academic actions. When the commission of an offense is established, it will be acknowledged by disciplinary penalties. For information on categories of offenses and types of penalties, students are directed to consult the summary of Policy #71 (Student Academic Discipline) which is supplied in the Undergraduate Calendar (p. 1:11).