Phil/Psych 256: Policies

Phil/Psych 256: Introduction to Cognitive Science

Prof. Eliasmith

General policy:

If you want to have an exception made to any of the deadlines, marking schemes, etc. you must provide documentation from a relevant expert (e.g., a doctor, dentist, or counsellor) that supports your reasons. I'm not qualified to judge whether or not certain situations are sufficient reason for your not being able to meet academic requirements. Without such documentation, no exceptions will be made. This holds for missed tests, requested re-writes, changes in the marking scheme, etc.

Late assignments:

You will lose ~4% of the maximum grade per day (days end at midnight), including weekends. Any late assignments must be handed in via email (and paper ASAP), otherwise the time of receipt (i.e., when I physically get it in my hands) will determine the late penalty. If you want an extension, see the general policy.