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Economics 606, Research Methods

Winter 2014

Course Outline

Referencing Example

Research Paper Instructions

Critique Instructions

Grading Ruberic from http://course1.winona.edu/shatfield/air/termpaper.pdf accessed Sept 16, 2013




Date                           Announcement

Jan. 8, 2014               First Class.

                                   Writing a Research Article: Advice to Beginners –

                                   Editorial International Journal of Quality in Health Care 2004:16(3):191-192


                                   Ashton, William “Finding Ideas for Your Research Project”



Earnshaw, John “How to find the best research paper topics



                                   Jones, Simon Peyton “How to Write a Great Research Paper




Jan. 15, 2014             Gorilla Grammar

                                   Ron Champion

                                   Manager, Renison International Office (RIO)

                                   Manager, Business Development, English Language Centre

                                   Renison University College at the University of Waterloo


Jan. 22, 2014             Ron Champion


Jan. 29, 2014             Search Strategies

\                                  Sandra Keys

                                   Librarian – Economics Liaison

                                   Dana Porter Library, 

                                   Information Services & Resources

                                   519.888.4567 x32279

                                   Assignment: Search Results due beginning of next class (Feb. 5, 2014)




Feb. 4, 2014              I have received many questions on the following instructions –


1) your research topic/question

2) printout the history of the search - (how many articles did you identify from your search)

                                   3) the bibliographical references including the abstracts downloaded from refworks of 5 to 10 articles identified in your


                                   It might be easier to think about it like this –

                                   do your search, download it to refworks, choose the 5 to 10 articles and print out the bibliography including abstract

                                   into Word.

                                   At the top of the Word document, type in your research topic and/or question

                                   Cut and paste the search into the word document under the topic/question – (see highlighted information on screen shot)


Feb. 5, 2014              Search Assignment due beginning of class

                                   Today’s Class material


Feb. 12, 2014            Class Assignment


Feb. 14, 2014            Email your Critique to Ron Champion (ron.champion@uwaterloo.ca) and me (ljcurtis@uwaterloo.ca) by 1200h (noon) on Feb 14, 2014.


Feb. 26, 2014            Please make an appointment via email (provide a couple of alternatives) to discuss the progress on your draft

                                   I am available   Friday (28th) from 1200-1400h

                                                              Monday (Mar 3) 0930-1130h and 1300h-1500h

                                                              Tuesday (4th) 0930 – 1300h

                                                              Wednesday (5th) 0930-1500h

                                                              Thurs (6th) 0930-1330h


Mar 20, 2014            Professor Skuterud has collected some good advice for economists – please see  people.su.se/~mkuda/tips4economists.html


Mar 24, 2014             For Wednesday’s class (March 26, 2014) you are required to attend the public lecture

“Innovation and Growth With Financial and Other Frictions” by Randall Wright, University of Michigan

Biology 1 Room 271 from 1500h to 1700h – a reception will follow in the EV1 Courtyard 1700h – 1900h.


April 2, 2014             Last class -


April 4, 2014             Presentation of Econ 622 papers – Room MC 2054 from 0930h to 1600h – a pizza lunch will be provided.


April 7, 2014             Presentation of Econ 623 Papers - Room EV3 4408 from 1000h to 1700h – a pizza lunch will be provided.