About me

I am originally from a small city in Alicante, Spain, called Denia, where my heart belongs. I left Spain many years ago to study a Ph.D. in the States and graduated from Boston University in 1999. My research career has developed in Canada, and it focuses on labour markets, immigration, education and family economics. This work touches on exciting (to me) subjects, trying to answer questions such as what is the premium attached to education credentials? Does it pay to delay school? What is the contribution of immigrant women to Canadian fertility? What about their participation on labour markets? I am involved with Canadian Labour Economic Forum (CLEF) where I serve as director, facilitating research discussion and promoting networking opportunities among researchers in labour economics. I am a Research Fellow of IZA and the immigration subject editor for IZA World of Labour a publication aimed at disseminating economic research in non-academic circles.

Landscape scene with palm trees and mountain

Denia in the winter

About my work

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Winner of the 2014 John Vanderkamp prize for best article published in the CPP

Canadian Labour Economics Forum

Research Fellow of IZA

Immigration subject editor for IZA World of Labour

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