Gerry Boychuk is the Acting Director of the University of Waterloo's Masters of Public Service program. He is also a Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo and in the Balsillie School of International Affairs. In the Masters of Public Service program, he teaches PS611 Government, Politics and the Public Service and PS617 Values and Ethics in the Public Service. His areas of interest include global social governance, comparative public policy and US politics.

From 2008 to 2011, he served as Director, Global Governance Teaching Programs (MA and Ph.D.) in the Balsillie School of International Affairs. In the Global Governance Program, Prof. Boychuk teaches global social governance as well as the Ph.D. research methods course. The former, (GGOV 642: Global Social Governance), examines the impact of globalization in generating global social problems as well as conditioning the prospects for addressing these problems through supranational cooperation.

Prof. Boychuk, along with Rianne Mahon (Balsillie School) and Stephen McBride (McMaster), is co-editor of the Global Social Policy: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Public Policy and Social Development.

He is also co-editor (with Karen Mossberger, Kent State University and Mark C. Rom, Georgetown University) of the Georgetown University Press series, American Governance and Public Policy.

He is the author of National Health Insurance in the United States and Canada: Race, Territory and the Roots of Difference   which was awarded the Donald V. Smiley Prize by the Canadian Political Science Association for the best book in 2008 relating to the government and politics of Canada. The book examines the historical development of public health insurance in the United States and Canada in the 20th century and argues that the impact of the politics of race in the US and the politics of territorial integration in Canada provide the most powerful explanation of the divergent trajectories of development of public health care in the two countries. The book has also been nominated for the Donner Prize, and the Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers award. The book was launched in Washington at an event hosted by the Hudson Institute.

Prof. Boychuk is also the author of a major study on the regulation of private funding and private insurance for health services in Canada completed under the auspices of the Institute of Advanced Policy Research in the School of Policy Studies at the University of Calgary.

In 2009, Dr. Boychuk recieved a University of Waterloo Outstanding Peformance Award.

"...a marvelous contribution to the fields of comparative politics and health policy. [...] ....his use of evidence is thorough and convincing." Mary Clark, Tulane University, Perspectives on Political Science. “Boychuk is a bold revisionist, challenging received wisdom about what explains the divergent paths Canada and the United States have taken in the past four decades in financing and administering medical care. Race relations—and Quebec’s special place in Canada—are crucial in ways others have not emphasized, which makes his book a worthy addition to the literature."—Theodore Marmor, Yale University

"In this engaging and beautifully written book, Gerard Boychuk marshalls rich historical evidence to explain how conflicts over race and territorial politics led the U.S. and Canada on divergent paths."—Jill Quadagno, author of One Nation, Uninsured: Why the U.S. Has No National Health Insurance

"A fresh take on an old problem rooted in the important structural features of each nation."—James Morone, author of Hellfire Nation and coeditor of Healthy, Wealthy and Fair

"...a distinguished contribution to the literature...a model of subtle scholarship..." Michael Moran, University of Manchester, Perspectives on Politics (June 2009)

Recent and forthcoming publications include:

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Dr. Boychuk has also acted as a consultant to Human Resources Development Canada and Industry Canada on public policy comparisons between Canada and the United States and was a contributing researcher to the joint HRDC/Industry Canada project on North American Linkages.  As a researcher for the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada, he authored the research paper, The Changing Political and Economic Environment of Health Care in Canada.

He is the also the author of Patchworks of Purpose: The Development of Provincial Social Assistance Regimes in Canada (Kingston and Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1998) a volume in the Institute of Public Administration of Canada series. The book was nominated for the Donner Prize for the Best Book on Canadian Public Policy as well as the Donald Smiley Prize for the best book in the study of politics and government in Canada in 1998-99.


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