Published Papers

Competing Through Information Provision, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 31(5), 438-51, September 2013.

Two-Party Competition with Persistent Policies, Journal of Economic Theory, 153, 64-91, July 2014, along with the Supplementary Appendix.

Keeping Your Options Open, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 53, 47-68, April 2015.

Useless Prevention vs. Costly Remediation, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 10(2), 187-220, 2015.

A Dynamic Duverger's Law (with Vikram Maheshri), Public Choice, 165(3-4), December 2015, along with the Supplementary Appendix.

Fixed Point Approaches to the Proof of the Shapley-Bondareva Theorem (with Metin Uyanik), Economic Theory Bulletin, forthcoming.

 Working Papers

Production Priorities in Dynamic Relationships (with Jan Zapal), revise and resubmit to Theoretical Economics. Supersedes "The Demand and Supply of Favours in Dynamic Relationships".

Civil Service and the Growth of Government, revise and resubmit to the Journal of Public Economics.

The Power of Commitment in Dynamic Elections (with John Duggan), submitted. Partially supersedes "Markovian Elections".

Don't Hatch the Messenger? On the Desirability of Restricting the Political Activities of Bureaucrats (with Gergely Ujhelyi), submitted.

Existence of Markov Electoral Equilibria (with John Duggan). Partially supersedes "Markovian Elections".

Delegation in Representative Voting Games (with John Duggan), coming soon. Partially supersedes "Markovian Elections".

(De)Regulation and Market Thickness (with Vikram Maheshri)