Phil 255: Philosophy of Mind


Instructor: Chris Eliasmith
Office hours: Tues and Thurs 1-2:30 and by appointment, HH331.
Time: Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-5:20pm
Place: AL 208

Here's a link to William James' Stream of Consciousness essay.

Note: If you want help with the midterm questions, please supply your best guess as to the answer when asking about a question. I won't just 'give out' answers.

Course Description: This is a survey course intended to introduce the student to contemporary philosophical approaches to traditional problems in the philosophy of mind. Readings for this course include classic papers outlining influential positions in philosophy of mind in the 20th century. We will situate and discuss introspectionism, psychological and logical behaviorism, identity theory, functionalism, subjectivism, instrumentalism, computationalism, eliminative materialism, and new mysterianism. Areas of study include the philosophy of psychology, sensation and perception, concepts, intentionality, folk-psychology, and consciousness.

Texts: Philosophy of Mind Readings by UW Courseware.
  Lyons, W. (2001) Matters of the Mind. Routledge.

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