Phil 473/673: Lecture Notes

Not all topics or discussions in these notes may have been covered in class, and vice versa.

Topic 1: Introduction

Topic 2: Naturalizing Meaning (Rosilee; Chris)

Topic 3: Content and Twinearth (Tracy; Chris)

Topic 4: Misrepresentation, Twinearth and Frege (Mike; Chris)

Topic 5: Information Theory (causal theory 1) (Anthony)

Topic 6: Teleofunction (causal theory 2) (Simon)

Topic 7: Conceptual Role Semantics (Jeff) [Essay summary due today]

Topic 8: Two Factor Theories (Harminder)

Topic 9: Isomorphism (Natalie)

Topic 10: Neurosemantics (1) (Courtney)

Topic 11: Neurosemantics (2) (Lori)