http://arts.uwaterloo.ca/~celiasmi/images/brainclimb.jpgChris Eliasmith
Dept of Philosophy
Dept of Systems Design Engineering
Canada Research Chair in Theoretical Neuroscience
Royal Society of Canada, College of New Scholars

Director, Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience


videos: TEDx Talk; Mind Field w Vsauce S3E3; Polanyi Award Promo; TSN Interview; Research Matters talk; One-on-one Interview; UW Research Profile; Host of Discovery Chan Show for K-Max; Host of Discovery Chan Show for Oculus Rift

lectures: Power efficiency of spiking networks; Understanding how the brain works by building one


I'm jointly appointed in Philosophy and Systems Design Engineering, and cross-appointed to Computer Science. I have supervised students in each of these departments as well as Biology and Psychology. But, really, I'm just confused.

Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience (CTN) 
I'm currently the director of this Centre. The Centre is a focal point for researchers across faculties (math, engineering, arts, science) interested in computational and theoretical models of neural systems.

The Computational Neuroscience Research Group (CNRG)  is my research lab, and is part of the CTN.  I'm head of the lab, and that site contains the most up-to-date information on our research.

My most recent book is called 'How to build a brain' (Oxford University Press, Amazon link). Work described there has been widely covered in the popular press.

My previous book on Neural Engineering (MIT Press, Amazon link) describes the modeling framework we use.

Nengo is a generic neural simulation package that also implements the Neural Engineering Framework, and which we use and develop for neuromorphics.

Here are some courses at the University of Waterloo related to this research.

Curriculum Vitae
Standard academic style CV, with linked publications.

A list of undergraduate, masters, and PhD students I have supervised, their research projects, degrees and awards.

Academic Interests
Brief descriptions of my general interests.

Applied Brain Research
A company I helped found, and still work with.

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
The online dictionary that I founded. It receives about 100K hits per year.

Cogsci 300/Phil 356 : Intelligence
Syde 556/750: Simulating Neurobiological Systems
Phil 145 : Critical Thinking
Phil/Psych 256 : Intro to Cognitive Science.
Phil 255: Philosophy of Mind
Phil 471/673: Naturalizing meaning

Last update: Nov. 2018